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We provide IT Consultancies with programming services at a reasonable cost.

The current economic downturn has forced businesses to cut costs and improve bottomlines and the first casualty of the cost cuts has been the spending on their IT infrastructure. This has created difficult trading conditions for IT consultancies and forced them make fundamental changes to their operating patterns. They are looking at a more flexible workforce which can be scaled up and down accoording to project needs.

We work with IT consultancies to provide contract programming services at a very reasonable cost. We have over 8 years of experience of designing and building scalable enterprise applications for Big 5 consultancies and blue chip clients in the investment banking and telecoms domains.

Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

  • Risk Management Applications: Murex, Mxml Exchange
  • Databases: Oracle 9i/8i/7, MS Access, IDMS
  • Application/Web Servers: BEA Weblogic Application Server, Oracle 9i Application Server, JRun, Apache, Tomcat, Resin
  • Web development tools: Weblogic Portal
  • Middleware Technologies: CORBA, J2EE (EJB)
  • Application frameworks: J2EE - (EJB, JSP, Servlets, JMS), Perl, HTML, Javascript, PL/SQL, Cobol, Culprit, Easytrieve, C, Assembly Language
  • Enterprise Middleware: TIBCO, MQ Series, JMS
  • Operating Systems : Unix (Sun Solaris), Windows NT, Windows 95, DOS
  • Development Frameworks: Apache STRUTS
  • Build And Deployment tools: Apache ANT
  • Version Control Software: CVS, Clearcase, Continuus (CM Synergy)

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