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A website lets you put your products in front of a worldwide audience. It can help you generate new revenue, cut costs and build better relationships with both customers and suppliers.

The costs of setting up a website are relatively low, so every business should think about having one.

The business benefits: You can reach new customers and improve communications with existing customers through a website. You can also sell online.

Improve marketing to existing customers.

  • Give customers up-to-date news about product launches and special offers.
  • Provide a forum for customer feedback.
  • Give all the detail you want. The cost of publishing extra material is virtually zero.
Address new markets, national and global.
  • You can reach potential buyers anywhere in the country, or anywhere in the world.
  • Realistically, UK buyers will usually provide the best opportunities, as you can avoid complications of law, documentation, language, overseas delivery and payment.
  • The US still has the most active Internet users, but web use is growing fast in the Far East, Latin America and Europe. People everywhere can reach your web pages just as easily as their local sites.
Cut costs by providing technical information and after-sales support online.
  • Compile lists of frequently asked questions (FAQs) so that your customers can answer many of their own queries, whenever they want.
  • List contact details for distributors or stockists.
  • Give extra information to help customers order the right items first time.
Protect existing revenue streams and generate new ones.
  • Set up a web shop to sell your products or information services online. Sales on the Internet are soaring, as people become less nervous about giving credit card details over the web.
  • If your site appeals to a niche market, sell advertising space to suppliers of noncompeting items for that niche
Recruit people with specialised skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Advertise job opportunities on your site.
Once your website is set up, space on it is effectively free. Whenever you have an idea that involves putting out extra information to help your customers, suppliers or employees, you can try it at no cost.

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